Journey Map

App: My Diabetes Meals (by: Doug Warren)

Based upon the empathy maps and personas, I created journey maps with a timeline of my user's experience in a given scenario to achieve some goal. This diagram shows the different steps a user takes through time on the horizontal axis.

It also captures across several themes for analysis on the vertical axis what a user is thinking and feeling along the way, which gives us an overview of our user’s pain points and motivations at every step of their journey. Such insights enable us to see where the greatest design opportunities lie.

These are evaluated from the perspective of key touchpoints representing a company, channel, product, or feature used.

Persona: Doug Scenario: Tracking meals Goal: Improve diabetes Date: Nov 14, 2018
Phases: Discover/Capture Organize/Plan Track
Actions: - Identify web sites & blogs
- Browse for candidate recipes
- Skim cookbooks for ideas
- Scroll Photos for previous meals & date
- Scroll One Drop log for date with food for carbs
- Review saved foods
- Select new recipes to try
- Save links and photos
- Note cookbook page, recipe name, and scan
- Print recipes (2-sided)
- Keep daily food log
- Group recipes by course & cuisine
- Add meal to calendar (day, week, month)
- Add tags group categories & search
- Identify restaurants, location, menu items
- Select lunch & dinner from meal plan
- Add breakfast & snacks
- Schedule daily meals
Log glucose (before meal):
- Check blood glucose with One Drop Chrome meter, test strip & lancet (or CGM)
- Record glucose with One Drop Mobile (Bluetooth or manual)
Log food (carbs):
- Select saved foods from One Drop
- Search food library - recent (date), name (alpha), group (B, L, D, S, U)
- Scan food package barcode
- Log food using Siri (voice)
- Add food to Siri shortcuts
- Calculate & log total carbs & calories for meal
Log insulin (bolus):
- Calculate bolus insulin units for glucose correction + meal carbs (RapidCalc)
- Inject bolus insulin dose (NovoLog FlexPen)
Update food (metadata):
- Identify meal type: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack
- Record time for food moment
- Add location, tags, and note (optional)
Eat meal:
- Prepare & cook meal
- Take meal photo & save in Photos library (Camera Roll - All Photos) & iCloud
- Take Metformin pill (B & D) & log
- Enjoy meal
Log glucose (after meal):
- Check & log glucose 1 hour afer meal (One Drop)
- Check & log glucose 2 hours afer meal (One Drop)
- Analyze glucose impact of meal with carbs & insulin
- Glucose low, in-range (70-180), or high?
- Update recipe with glucose assessment
- Identify favorites
- Record meal with glucose (before, after, change) in personal diary
Log activity (exercise):
- Log movement (min) - easy, medium, hard (One Drop)
- Step count automatically recorded (iPhone/Health)
Log meditation:
- Mindfulness minutes recorded in Health (Calm)
Share meal:
- Share meal and/or recipes with friends or social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog
Log insulin (basal):
- Inject basal insulin (Lantus SoloStar pen) at bedtime; log meds in One Drop & RapidCalc
Review day (week, month)
- Review glucose & food statistics
- Average blood glucose & food carbs
- Get good night's sleep; check blood when I get up to pee
- Rinse & repeat... every day!
Questions: - What to cook?
- How many carbs?
- Servings & serving size?
- Grocery list?
- How much time (prep & cook)?
- Quick, slow-cooker, easy, medium, difficult?
- Good for diabetes?
Happy moments: - Eating healthy! - Too many carbs? - Glucose in-range (70-180)!
Pain points: - Takes time
- Hard to choose
- No integration: apps, web, plans, recipes, photos, links, glucose, social networks
- Know what to buy, prepare, and cook?
- Carb & calorie counting
- Too difficult?
- Constant awareness & attention
- Average daily glucose?
- Glucose lows or highs?
- Future diabetic complications?
Opportunities: - Streamline process
- Meal plan by dietitian
- Curated recipe list
- Web site & blog list
- Recommended cookbooks & recipes
- Visual meal photo collections & calendars
- Add, change, delete, and list recipes & sites
- Mark favorites
- Save time
- Calendar views
- Collection grids
- Tag search
- Identify meals in saved foods list (tag?)
- Generate grocery list with ingredients
- Create meal plan and recipe cookbooks
- Manage restaurants: name, location, menu items, carbs, calories
- Meal variety
- Healthy low-carb recipes
- Glucose control
- Better meals
- Recognize “Bright spots” and “Landmines"