Empathy Map

App: My Diabetes Meals (by: Doug Warren)

This maps attributes and behaviors in quadrants (says, does, thinks, feels) around my potential users. This enables me to identify their problems (“pain points”), and help determine product features and tasks they would use. This reflects the current (as-is) state before the app is available.

User: Doug


This empathy map was created using many different resources that I have studied and tried to blend together for my use. Although it might be helpful to provide visual formats, I decided to simply focus on a Markdown document so I could focus on the structure and content; I can offer alternate presentation styles later, if that seems desirable.

WHO are we empathizing with?

Who is the person we want to understand? What is their situation? What is their role in the situation?

What do they need to DO?

What do they today? What behavior have we observed? What do they need to do differently? What task(s) do they want or need to get get done? What can we imagine them doing? What decision(s) do they need to make? How will we know they were successful

What do they SEE?

What do they see in the marketplace? What do they see in their immediate environment? What do they see others saying and doing? What are they watching and reading?

What do they SAY?

What have we heard them say? What can we imagine them saying?

What do they HEAR?

What are they hearing others say? What are there hearing from friends? What are they hearing from colleagues? What are they hearing second-hand?

What do they THINK?

Gains: What are their wants, needs, hopes and dreams?

What do they FEEL?

Pains: What are their fears, frustrations, and anxieties?

What other thoughts and feelings will motivate their behavior?